The Top Cigar Brands of 2015

Cigars are status symbol of luxury, power and status as they are hot products for the rich. Very often, you will find rich and famous personalities smoking expensive cigars that befit their status in the society. The list below highlights top cigar brands of 2015. Keep in mind these brands are not listed in order of greatness.

#1 Cohiba Esplendido

The first brand in our list of top cigar brands is Cohiba Esplendido. The brand is manufactured in Cuba and it dates it first production in the sixties. Cohiba Esplendido comes in two packs, one containing three cigars and the other 26 cigars.

#2 Gurkha Black Dragon

Gurkha Black Dragon is preferred by many smokers because of its taste and unique packaging. It is also one of the most expensive and rarest cigars in the world available only in selected stores.

#3 Cohiba Behike

Cohiba Behike entered the market in 2006 when it was launched as a limited edition. The manufacture only manufactured 100 pieces in the first year. Reports indicate that there are plans to introduce cheaper variants of this cigar in years to come.


#4 King of Denmark

Only 30 pieces of King of Denmark cigars are manufactured each day depending on the order. All of these pieces are wrapped in foil made of gold. The name of the client is inscribed into the foil.

#5 Fuente Don Arturo AniverXario

Fuente Don Arturo AniverXario was first produced in 2001 by Carlito Fuente, who wanted commemorate his father, Arturo Fuente. Since then, many people have come to like this cigar because of its wonderful taste and aroma.

#6 Davidoff Winston Churchill

Next in a list of top cigar brands is Davidoff Winston Churchill. The cigar is a bold and big as its founder. It features toasted almonds, smooth caramel flavors and cream that can make your palate go alive with every puff.

#7 Stradavarius

Stradivarius cigar comes in a pack containing ten sticks. It is a well-known cigar brand that uses high-quality tobacco harvested in Mexico and Dominican Republic. The brand features a rich aroma and a unique flavor.

#8 Padron Serie 1962 80 years

Padron Serie 1962 80 years is one of the loved cigar brands in the world. The cigar was released for remembrance of Jose Orlando’s 80th birthday. The cigar is available in a single piece or premium packages containing eight pieces.

#9 Louixs

Louixs is a cigar of the rich and famous. It is a high priced cigar manufactured by Goldwin Metropolitan and sold as a single piece.


#10 Arturo Fuente Opus X BBMF

The cigar is one of the rarest brands available in the market today. It is included in this list of top cigar brands because of its extraordinary flavor and tantalizing aroma.

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