The Top 5 Back to School Clothing Trends

Trends in back to school clothing are all about freedom of self-expression, comfort and wearing exactly what you love. Hitting the books again in style makes back to school more fun. Most kids won’t need an entirely new wardrobe for back to school. Smartly choosing a few key pieces that can be mixed and matched with fashion items already owned puts anyone a step ahead of the class in back to school fashion.

The 5 Biggest Back to School Clothing Trends

1) Western and Fringe – One hot look this year for back to school is western and fringe. Fringe handbags, jackets, western styled boots and statement western styled bibbed necklaces are all showing up to create a fashion buzz for this fall. Guys get in on the action with embroidered shirts. For girls, western embroidered dresses are a classic good look.

2) Plaid – Worn in so many ways, plaid is always a classic look for fall. For a different look, try flirty looking sheers, leggings and pastels, all in beautiful plaid prints. And then, there is always the classic tartan plaid mini skirt for those who would rather stick with school traditions.

3) 1990s Grunge Looks – When grunge is paired with romantic looks, the look becomes new again. Romantic floral tunics paired with skirts or jeans, or even with faux leather skirts and jackets create intrigue blended with style.

4) Graphic and Kitschy Prints – Think animal prints, stars, puckered lips and gaming inspired looks like Pokemon. Quirky and fashion forward are your best bets. Don’t forget to accessorize with this look! Bold earrings, interesting necklaces in kitschy styles and new for this year, rings, complete the look.

5) Sporty – Inspired by our favorite athletes, styles like oversized numbered pullovers in shiny and girly colors for girls, and bold colors for guys. Baseball caps are also popular in floral and flirty fabrics for girls and basic caps for guys. Other sports inspired looks like track pants are also on-trend.

Basic Styles That Are Always On Trend

There are basic fashion trends that never seem to go out of style, and this includes everything denim, and sneakers. Trends in sneakers for back to school for this year are towards stylish fashion laces, metallic materials and accents, and of course basic white and jean materials.

The trend in jeans for boys is slouchy look twill jeans. For girls, denim skirts, jeans, leggings, jackets and even denim handbags. Graphic t-shirts have enduring popularity, and this year’s trends are grammar tees for girls and science tees for boys. Creativity and self-expression dominate when it comes to back to school fashion!

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