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The Best Ways to Improve Customer Service In a Restaurant

Are you the owner of a restaurant you love? Are you a restaurant manager who is constantly looking for new ways to improve and to make your patrons happy? If you want the people who come into your restaurant to have a great experience — and to come back again with their friends — then you must have excellent customer service. Read on to learn our top three ways you can improve your customer service in your restaurant. When your patrons are happy, then they keep coming back!

Tip #1: Start With the Customer

Want to know how your restaurant is doing in areas of pleasing the customer? Well, it’s time to ask them! Consider putting together a short survey that your waiters can leave with the bill. You can give incentives for participation in the survey by putting all customers who fill it out in a raffle for a gift certificate to the restaurant. You’ll have good evidence that you can use as your baseline for improvement.

Tip #2: Shadow Your Employees

If you want to overhaul your customer service, you need to see how your wait staff is treating your customers. It may be time to do a training. Get everyone together and go over the proper protocols. Sometimes staff need a refresher, and we all can learn to be be better at our jobs. Sometimes the broken link in customer service is that staff don’t see the big picture. They’re working so hard that they take it out on the customer. If you help them see they are part of something greater — and you give them reason to love their job — then that can translate to great customer service. So shadow your employees and take notes. Then get the group together and recalibrate. Celebrate the successes and work on the improvements.

Tip #3: Be a Role Model

Listen, the bottom line is you can’t expect your employees to be nice to every customer that walks through the door if you’re not rolling out the red carpet yourself. Be a manager who models the kind of behavior you want your employees to deploy. If you burst out in anger, then don’t be upset when they do. If you’re genuinely nice and go out of your way to please the customer, then your employees will see that you expect the same behavior at all their tables.

Sometimes all it takes is a little attitude change and a few small tweaks to your everyday schedule to improve your customer service and to truly make your patrons happy. If you are proud of the food you serve, then make sure your diners get to taste it again and again. You’ll keep them coming back with these three key tips to customer service that truly makes a difference in their restaurant experience.


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