Small Businesses: 3 Ways to Manage Administrative Tasks

Whether you’re starting a business or it’s growing, the purpose of and the goals for your company need your time. Instead, are you wondering if you have enough paper clips, or if the bills are paid? Here are three suggestions for better handling of the mundane, but necessary tasks.

1. Have a “To Do” list. Decide what works best for you when listing things that you want and need to get done. Some people work best with a small notebook and a pen on their desk to jot down their tasks during the day. Perhaps you would prefer to record messages or make notes in your smartphone. Whatever method you choose, keep all such notes in the same place, and check it throughout the day. At the end of each day review your notes to make sure everything that needed to get done that day got done. Be sure to cross off what you have done. There is a sense of accomplishment in verifying that you did get things done. The next morning, review your notes to help you know where to start the work day.
Items on your list can include:

Ordering office supplies
Paying bills
Responding to specific emails and phone calls
Reconciling bank statements

2. Have a calendar and keep it visible. Whether your preference is a paper calendar on the wall or your desk, or on a software program, your calendar can serve as a reminder for:

Regularly scheduled tasks such as completing tax forms, and sending invoices
Deadlines, such as tax deadlines

You may also find it beneficial to block off specific time daily or weekly when nothing is scheduled. With this period, you decide how you will use it.

3. Consider getting help. It is crucial to learn how to delegate to be productive because you can’t do everything yourself for very long. Perhaps you could hire a part-time person to run the errands you are currently running. Let someone else go to the office supply store, or the post office. Someone else can order supplies, and answer the phone, and sort the mail.

There are also “virtual assistants” that contract or freelance from their homes.

Both types of assistants can help you with tasks such as:

Database entries
Online research
Writing holiday cards or thank you notes
Travel research and booking

Computer software can also help with administrative tasks such as:

Scheduling meetings
Sharing information
Storing time sheets, purchase orders, requisitions, and other forms
Modify and create forms
Making a directory of contacts
Filtering through and erasing junk e-mails
Managing inventory, sales, and payroll

Now you can focus on your goals. Someone else will keep track of the paper clips.


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