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How-to Recruit and Retain Employees with Disabilities

For many companies, one of the biggest challenges they face on a daily basis is bringing in top talent to the company. The job market is starting to heat up, and many employees are looking for places to go in order to increase their pay. With all of the changes that are going on in the economy, now is a great time to start recruiting and retaining top talent in the industry. One area that many companies are starting to concentrate on is people with disabilities. At one time, having a disability meant that you would struggle to land a job in your industry. This is no longer the case, and many companies are trying to recruit as many people with disabilities as possible.


Work Environment

One of the keys to hiring top talent with disabilities is to have a suitable work environment. If you have a large building, make sure you have an elevator versus just stairs. Although this seems obvious, there are a lot of buildings in older cities with just stairs. However, accommodating the work environment goes much further than this. It really comes down to having a culture of accommodation at your place of business. Over time, your business will be much better off for hiring people with disabilities and adding to your diverse group of employees.

Pay Rate

The wages your company pays employees is one of the most important variables in retaining top talent. As the economy continues to pick up steam, a lot of companies are increasing pay in various areas. With all of the changes that are going on, now is not the time to try and save money by paying your employees less. Over time, companies have figured out that it is much less expensive to pay employees more and have less turnover. This is a great strategy for your company to adopt if you want to attract and retain the top talent in the industry.

New Technology

Overall, there is a lot of new technology that makes the workplace easier on employees. This is especially true for children with disabilities. As a business owner, you need to figure out a plan that makes sense for your current situation. With those changes, you can start to see what you can accomplish bringing in the best talent in your industry. Unlike in times past, people with disabilities are not a weakness in your business. Every company should work on hiring and retaining people with disabilities if they are qualified to work in the industry.

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