Pool Supplies That You Can’t Go Without

If you own a pool, then you cannot go without certain supplies. The pool equipment that you own is essential to keeping the water inside of your pool clean and healthy, but it can even save you from having to pay a very expensive repair bill. While there are many different types of supplies for pools, there are some products that you must have.

Water Filter

Most pools have a pump, which is used to circulate the water inside of the pool. As it circulates water, the pump passes the water through a filter, and the filter removes impurities of various sizes.

When choosing a filter, you have three main types to choose from. You can get a cartridge, DE or sand filter. A sand filter is the most basic of the three, costs the least amount of money but requires the most maintenance.

The cartridge filter resembles what you might find inside of a typical vacuum. It can filter particles down to 10 microns but must be cleaned twice per season. A diatomaceous Earth filter offers the best protection from impurities, but it can be expensive and must be cleaned regularly.

Cleaning Chemicals

No pool would be complete without chemicals. The pump will handle the bulk of the essential water cleaning, and the chemicals keep water cleansed and free of pathogens.

If your pool water is cloudy, it’s filled with bacteria. Pathogens can cause eye irritation, skin irritation and cloudiness. A serious bacteria problem can damage the actual structure of the pool. Most experts would agree that balancing pool chemicals is almost like an art.

However, at the very least, you’ll need calcium balancing agents, alkaline balancing agents and water testing systems. You’ll also need chlorine balancing agents and chlorine.


In terms of pool supplies, you don’t want to go without caulking. Over a period of time, your pool will begin to split and crack. This is what happens when the caulk begins to degrade. To prevent mildew and moss growth, you’ll need to add caulk.

Also known as a silicon rubber joint compound, caulk is very important for maintaining your pool’s structural integrity. By adding caulk, you can also prevent winter water from seeping into your pool, freezing and causing cracks.


It doesn’t take very long for the inside of a pool to become stained. Excessive mineral buildup is the problem, and it can be solved with pumice.

You should be monitoring the sides of your pool to determine how much damage is being caused by mineral buildup. A pumice stone can be used to scrape and clean the target tiles.

While you’ve lowered the water level, it’s also a great time to replace or repair any tiles that have become damaged.

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