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Morning vs. Afternoon Workouts: Is One Better than the Other?

Many people are conflicted by the age old question of which specific time of day is best for exercise. People often can’t decide whether or not morning or afternoon exercise sessions are better for the body. If you’re a person who ever questioned this, then you’re definitely not alone.

The honest truth is that there are advantages to working out at both times. If you’re in the camp of morning exercisers, there are a lot of advantages to that time frame. Morning workouts boost the metabolism, for one. If you get your exercise bright and early, it’ll encourage your body to kiss more calories goodbye as the day progresses. Morning workouts also encourage people to participate in higher amounts of physical activity at other times of the day. Early workouts even help people resist the temptations of food, which can be extremely helpful for people who are looking to cut down on snacking, for example. These workouts can, last but not least, even help decrease blood pressure, enhance sleep and even minimize stress. Needless to say, there are indeed a lot of great things about working out in the early hours of the day.

While morning workouts undeniably sound like the bee’s knees, there are some upsides to afternoon sweat sessions, as well. Environmental and body temperatures both rise as the afternoon winds down. Muscular functioning and enzyme activity also rise at the same time. These things all enable people to exercise at optimal performance between the hours of 2:00pm and 6:00pm. Aside from that major positive, people often are equipped with higher levels of energy in the afternoon. It’s often very difficult for people to gather energy first thing in the morning when they’re still completely exhausted and barely awake, after all.

Since there are pros and cons of morning and afternoon workout sessions alike, it’s important for people to evaluate their own specific preferences and requirements in order to figure out which path is best for them. No two humans are identical in this way. Since both workout times have their own good and bad points, there’s no definitive answer that applies to everyone. It’s important for people to note, too, that there’s no dependable proof out there that indicates when the most calories are burned, either.

Personality type may help determine which exercise slot is best for you. People who aren’t the best at keeping up with routines, for example, may want to get their exercise in while it’s still early. There are always many factors to consider. If you’re unsure what to do yourself, try testing your time options over the course of several weeks. Begin by working out early for a while. Then switch to afternoon workouts. You can decide from there which you prefer.

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