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How to Make Your New House Feel Like Home: Tips and Tricks

You have just purchased a brand new home, or maybe you had one custom-built. The only problem is that everything looks so cold and sterile. You want a residence where family and friends feel instantly at home but are at a loss as to exactly how to accomplish this. Some steps you can take to give your house a look of instant comfort and charm include:

Hang Family Photos
Displaying family photos will add instant charm. Some great locations to hang them include in stairwells, hallways, bedrooms, and especially in family and living rooms. A neat magnetized frame on the refrigerator door will even give the kitchen more pizzazz.

Add Antiques
Vintage items have a way of softening a room. Even if your house is extremely modern, adding unexpected antiques will give an element of surprise and whimsy to the home. For example, a sewing machine stand makes a great side table to a starkly modern living room chair. A basket of old-time toys and children’s books beneath an industrial-style coffee table will provide a touch of warmth and comfort.

Frame Children’s Art
Even if your child may not be the next Rembrandt, his work is very creative. Choose the most colorful and eclectic of them, frame and hang them in a place of honor. Your little one will be so excited to see his art taken so seriously, and you will have an instant and inexpensive source for the most original art there is.

Add Wooden Furniture and Accessories
Wood has a way of warming up an area. Whether it is furniture, thick beams, candlesticks, lamp stands, or even coat racks, this material is natural and very conducive to making a house feel well cared for and loved. A wood-burning fireplace or stove will help provide heat as well as inviting comfort.

Show Off Your Books
Books on shelves will draw individuals to them. Whether they be fiction or nonfiction, they always add a touch of class and distinction to an area. If you are an architect, don’t hide your books in an office. Give them a place of honor on the shelves in the family room. Larger books can be laid out on a coffee table or even stacked in a pile to form its own unique side table.

Purchase Plants
Plants can fill empty corners, welcome guests at the front door, and thrive on the steam and humidity of a bathroom. If you have an area that you just don’t quite know what to do with, just add a plant to fill up the space. The green colors and the blooms will make your house appear natural and refreshing. Even drought-tolerant plants can provide a focal point on a porch or tabletop.

Buy Local Crafts and Artwork
Support your local community by attending craft shows and art showings to add to your own collections. Look for those works that will blend in well with what you own. Or choose a local landscape painting and use the colors in it to build a room around.

All of these combined will give you and your family a haven to rest, relax and play in. Stress and worry will melt away as soon as you walk in your front door. There will definitely be no place like home by the time you are finished adding these elements to every single room in your house.


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