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Everyday Brunch: 5 Reasons Why It’s the Best Meal of the Day

Brunches are ideal for family gatherings, birthday celebrations and holidays. Consider hosting a brunch for a charity event or a casual meal with friends. Family members, guests and the host are usually more relaxed in the late morning than in the evening after a hectic day.
Eating during the late morning fits into the lifestyles of many people. For your guests that want to get a run in, a trip to the gym or a yoga session eating later accommodates them. For the late risers, eating later allows them to ease into the day. After the brunch, everyone still has hours to use, as they desire, including the host.
A charity event that involves collecting clothing, toys or other smaller items is ideal for a brunch. A simple brunch combining tasty food with helping others is a good way to start a day. If your contribution includes handmade items, consider having guests bring a simple dish to add variety to your planned menu. A simple nutritious meal will leave more time for working on your charity offerings.
A casual meal with friends is always pleasant. Plan to eat outside and enjoy the weather. Coffee, lattes, fresh fruit and pastries are sometimes all that is required. Champagne or mimosas are often served at brunches as well. Enjoyable conversation is a must. Just invite good friends!
Setting up for a brunch can be less stressful than other gatherings. Often the table and serving dishes can be set up the evening before. A buffet setting allows the guests to choose food that meets their tastes and dietary needs. A bouquet of flowers is often all that is needed for a lovely table setting.
The menu can include foods for either breakfast or lunch. Many make ahead dishes are excellent for a brunch. Fresh fruit, steel cut oatmeal, crepes, and egg dishes are great choices for a brunch. Of course, bacon, ham and sausage are often served. Healthy choices are easy to incorporate into meal planning. Serving healthy food in a casual setting is an excellent way to start a day.
Brunches are ideal for all types of gatherings. They are convenient for the hosts and guests. Set up is generally less involved than other kinds of gatherings. The menu can be simple or elaborate. Delicious, healthy food served in a relaxed setting is a great way to start any day.


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