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    Payroll Deduction and POS What you Need to Know

    Point-of-sale (POS) systems have come a long way since they were first introduced as cash register replacements. The fact that POS software applications are based on computing platforms have made it easy for developers to program advanced features to help …..

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    3 Benefits of Hiring a Product Photographer

    Do you wonder why your products aren’t selling, when they are higher quality than your competitors? Are you posting images to your website, but the products still aren’t selling? If so, it is likely that your product photos are not …..

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    3 Essential Supplies Every Health Care Facility Needs

    If you are in charge of making the supply orders at the health care facility where you work, you naturally have an extremely important job. Health care facilities help individuals and families who are facing highly difficult situations concerning their …..

  • franchise-financing

    5 Important Things to Know When Opening Up a Franchise

    Franchises are much more likely to survive than an independent small business. Given the 90 percent survival rates for franchises, it can seem like an easy choice to take the plunge. With an average initial investment of about $525,000, it …..

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    3 Benefits of the “Black Box Approach”

    Black box testing is a process by which software products are tested. Agile defines this testing technique as any type of testing that requires or could be done with the person taking the test being unaware of what kind of …..

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    Can you Ever Be Too Hands-On?

    While it is never a good idea to not know what is going on in your social or professional lives, there are times when you might be too involved. Depending on the situation that you find yourself in, it may …..