Can you Ever Be Too Hands-On?

While it is never a good idea to not know what is going on in your social or professional lives, there are times when you might be too involved. Depending on the situation that you find yourself in, it may be a good idea to step back and let others play their role or do their job. When is it possible that you could be too hands-on?

Are You Constantly Asking for Updates?

If you are part of your employer’s management team or own your own business, you need to be kept in the loop at all times. In such a scenario, it may be necessary to be an active participant in daily operations. However, there is a difference between receiving updates as events transpire and asking for updates just because you have nothing else to do. If your employee says that results of a project won’t be in for another 24 hours, it makes little sense to ask for a status report before then. Otherwise, you may border on being a micromanager.

Do You Play a Role In Every Decision Made?

Depending on your role in the company, you may need to be made aware of any decision made by another individual. This increases the ability of everyone around you to engage in effective communication, which is vital for the success of a project. However, there are times when people have to make decisions without consulting you first. Otherwise, there could be a lot of unproductive time while others wait for your approval. While you may want to restrict what types of decisions others can make, you have to let others think for themselves or risk losing good people from your team.

Do You Engage In Activities That You Aren’t Good At?

As a business owner, you should understand your strengths and hire others to hide your weaknesses. If you must play every role within your organization, you may find that you are spread too thin or not effective at one or more of those roles. For instance, you may decide that you will be the support team, the customer service staff and make each product by hand. While this may work in the beginning, you will never be able to grow if you insist on doing everything yourself.

Although being involved personally in the things that effect you most can be a good thing, it is a fine line between being involved and being too hands-on. By managing that line properly, you can be decisive without getting in other people’s way.

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