Bulldog Puppies: Are They Good With Kids?

With their punchy little faces and big brown eyes, bull puppies are hard for anyone to resist. Many parent’s however, worry that the breed’s history of being used to fight bulls for sport means that they may be too aggressive for family life. However, English Bulldogs are gentle creatures that are good with all family members, including small children. Naturally, how the animal is raised has a significant impact on how it interacts with humans of any age.

Bulldogs are medium-sized canines with gentle temperaments who are loyal companions despite their past as blood sporting dogs. They are intelligent dogs with a tendency to think for themselves, so begin obedience training early if you opt for this breed. Although bulldogs have a reputation for being stubborn, this can be overcome if given proper training early on in which they are lavished with praise for desired behavior.

Bringing Your Bulldog Home

Your new bulldog puppy should be introduced to your children gradually after you bring it home, particularly if you’ve got two or more children in the home. Children are easily excited by the addition of a new family member, so make sure that yours know to treat the animal gently and to give it space. Although they love playing and possess great tolerance for the antics of children, playtime should be limited in hot weather because these dogs tend to overheat quite easily. For these reason, you should think very carefully before taking your bulldog with you on a summer road trip unless you can safely provide an air conditioned environment inside your vehicle even the dog is left in the car when you are stopped at restaurants.

The Special Needs of Bulldogs

Bulldogs also get along relatively well with other pets, particularly if they have been brought into the home as puppies. It is important to keep in mind that bulldogs chew more than most breeds and don’t outgrow it when they reach adulthood. Always provide your bulldog with plenty of chew toys and rawhide chews to prevent unpleasant mishaps.

Bulldogs aren’t particularly active dogs, so they won’t have the exercise requirements of many other breeds. If you would like a canine companion as a jogging partner or to take on long hikes, bulldogs aren’t the breed for you. Also, keep in mind that this breed is relatively short-lived. However, they can live 10 or more years provided they’re given good care.

Most people who make the decision to bring a bulldog into their home fall in love immediately with this funny, charming furry friends.

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