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8 Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Marijuana Use in an Area Where it is Legal

There is always going to be something to debate over in terms of political differences, especially when you bring up the subject of marijuana. Everyone has a different opinion on this topic, but regardless of your stance on the subject, there are definitely many things to consider. It took a while to narrow them down, but I was finally able to do it. Take a look at these 8 things to consider regarding the “drug” itself.

1. According to Huffington Post, there have never been any deaths associated with marijuana recorded in the many, many years it’s been around. For the average pot smoker, this is not news to us. We’ve been pointing this out from the beginning. Nobody listens.

2. “High Sobriety” is a rehab that allows and encourages smoking marijuana as a way to stay clean from hard drugs. It’s been proven that using marijuana in any form aids addicts in coping with the symptoms of withdrawal. Usually, drug use of any kind in rehabs get you kicked out, but not this one!

3. CBS News reports that ensuing tax revenue is helping college students in Denver pay for their education fees. No loans. No hassle. This IS what America is about, right? At least, that’s what I’ve been told.

4. Another interesting fact is from CNBC. Alcohol sales will soon be crushed by the sale of weed where states have already legalized it. This is great news for any new and upcoming businesses who don’t feel like obtaining a liquor license.

5. As stated in Forbes AND the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the weed industry plans on creating more employment opportunities by 2020 when other jobs are expected to decline in numbers.

6. CBS New York points out that “in states where medical marijuana is legal, opioid overdose deaths are down as much as 25 percent.” People who have constant pain are giving up prescription painkillers for pot. Opioid addiction is no joke. This is practically a miracle in terms of drug use.

7. If you really want to support our troops, Huffington Post said that “marijuana may help alleviate some of the primary symptoms of PTSD, including anxiety, flashbacks and depression.” They work hard for us. We should do the same for them by allowing them to fix anything they need to with pot.

8. Even religious leaders are getting in on the action. Another source from Huffington Post, a new church has opened in Denver on April 20 for the next big religion: Elevationism. Pot isn’t sold at the church, but the founder says it’s a place for congregation and consumption. This is probably one of my favorite links, because MANY great points are made in this article.

Hope you enjoyed reading these 8 things to consider about pot!

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