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7 Important Things to Keep in Mind When Storing Winter Items

As the weather gets warmer, there is no better time to pack away your winter items. For many people, packing up seasonal items and keeping them in an indoor storage unit is a way to keep their home organized and clutter-free. While the idea of packing up all of your winter items may seem intimidating at first, here are some quick and easy tips that can help make the process as painless as possible.

1. Go through your closet.

Take some time to go through your closet and figure out which items can be stored during the spring and summer months. Things like wool sweaters, heavy coats, gloves, scarves and thermal undergarments can all be stored away during the warmer months.

2. Develop a system.

As you pack, take special care to keep similar items together. Should a cold front come through, this will make it easier for you to find these items in storage.

3. Consider donating to charity.

As you go through your closet, look for items that you have not used in a while and consider donating them to charity. As a general rule, if you have not worn it at some point during the last year, it may be taking up valuable space in your closet or dresser.

4. Pack the items carefully.

To maximize your space, zip any items that have zippers and button any items that have buttons. Once everything is ready, carefully fold each article of clothing and begin packing it away for storage.

5. Find the best storage container.

Now that you have items that are ready for storage, the next step is to figure out what you will store them in. While garbage bags or packing boxes may seem like a great idea at first, they are both susceptible to mold. Instead, consider using large plastic bins or vacuum sealed bags to store away your winter clothes. Both of these options prevent moisture from developing which can lead to mold.

6. Equipment can be stored too.

Winter storage is not just for clothing. Things like sports gear and snow equipment can also be stored during the warmer seasons. Putting these items in storage can free up space in the garage or storage closet that can be used for something else. Things like snowboards, skis, ice skates, sleds and snow blowers are popular items to store during the off-season.

7. Plan your space.

Once you have identified all the items that need storing, take some time to plan how you will use your storage space. If your storage unit has shelves, consider using this space for things like ice skates and smaller hockey gear. Larger items like snow blowers may need to be covered prior to being placed in storage.

Depending on what all you have going into storage, some items may have special requirements. For example, electronics are best stored in a climate-controlled environment. Knowing the requirements of each item will help you find a storage unit that meets your needs.

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