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6 Ways to Exercise and Better Improve Your Brain

Your brain is just like the muscles on your body. If you don’t use it, you lose it just the way that your muscles deteriorate if you don’t use them. So why not try a few exercises to improve your brain’s functions? After all, you only get one, so you’d better treat it right!

6 Excellent Exercises for Improving Your Brain

1. Meditate to improve your attention span

One of the things that many people struggle with today is attention span. We all have so much to do, and we spend a lot of our precious free time on the Internet, watching TV and movies, and scrolling through social media. This gives us short attention spans. To increase your capacity to focus and concentrate, try meditation. Only 10 to 20 minutes a day will give you marked improvement.

2. Try writing more instead of always typing

Typing is definitely faster than writing longhand if you’re good at it. But it doesn’t help you learn more. If you want to be more effective at retaining the information that you put down on paper or screen, try writing it the long way. Writing longhand triggers your brain to focus more on what you’re doing, so the information you put down will stick better.

3. Vary your routine

Your brain loves a good challenge just the way your muscles love a good, sweaty workout. You’ll want to challenge your brain in different ways, but one of the best ways is through variation. Pick something you do almost every day, and try varying it in just a few small ways to give your brain a doable challenge. For example, take a new route to work or school, or try taking a shower in the dark as long as you’re careful!

4. Pretend you have to teach

Teaching a task or bit of information forces you to go through this information step by step, and it will help you learn it better. For example, let’s say you’re trying to learn a foreign language. First, try to memorize the conjugation of a verb in your mind. Next, pretend you have to teach the conjugation to someone. You’ll use different parts of your brain and remember it better!

5. Exercise and eat healthy foods

Your brain needs fuel like any part of your body, and if you feed it junk for fuel, it won’t do so well. Make sure you’re eating fruits, veggies and whole grains, and drink lots of water every day. You should also focus on making exercise a daily part of your routine.

6. Use your brain instead of your computer

Just like writing longhand can help your brain, doing other things the old-fashioned way can be beneficial. In other words, try to rely less on technology. Start by doing simple math problems in your head or on paper instead of on a calculator. If you can, try to navigate by memorization or a map as well. Using the navigator on your phone is not enough of a challenge.

Try all of these tips and tricks for improved brain function!

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