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5 Innovative Ways to Incorporate 3D Glasses at a Wedding Reception

Weddings have become larger and more elegant than ever. Let’s take a look at five innovative ways to incorporate 3D glasses at a wedding reception.

Every wedding has a slideshow of the couple’s greatest moments together. Ask your technicians to make a 3D slideshow and distribute glasses to all attendees. When the cameras begin to roll, they will be able to view these pictures in full color and depth. This will make the photos more vivid and realistic.

While everybody is gathering for the reception, there are often displays on tables for people to inspect. By calibrating these objects with 3D glasses, you can make them even more interesting to look at. For this type of incorporation, a single pair of refined glasses is recommended. Although viewers will have to take turns looking at the object, the quality of the glasses is more than enough compensation. This is an excellent way of passing time before the official ceremony begins.

After the initial ceremony, group activities are other common ways to pass time. Integrate 3D glasses into these games for even more fun. Scorecards, balls, and papers can be compatible with 3D glasses. Teams will compete against each other in a traditional game, but with this special addition, even more chaos will ensue. You can award prizes for the winners and consolation gifts for the losers. People can also take home the 3D glasses as a souvenir of the successful wedding. Because these glasses are naturally entertaining objects, you will have no problem incorporating them into a game.

Weddings are often held at scenic parks, hillsides, or coastlines. If used at the right angle, 3D glasses can magnify a beautiful view. Glasses will enhance the natural colors of the environment while allowing the viewer to focus on certain objects. This method of usage requires a different type of 3D glasses. Purchase ones that are compatible with extreme distances and natural colors. Look at the scenery near sunset for the maximal effect. With the perfect amount of sunlight, this extra dimension will pop out and impress everybody at the wedding.

Finally, 3D glasses can act perfectly as a toggle switch. With the glasses on, attendees will be able to see certain things. Without the glasses, a screen will appear as normal. Use this toggle with a slideshow as mentioned above for particularly cool transitions. Encode a secret message that is only readable with 3D glasses on. With this encryption, it is incredibly easy to play trivia games or hide the punchlines of jokes.

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