5 Best Real Estate Markets in New Hampshire

As the first political primaries of the 2016 Presidential election campaign approach, more media attention focuses on the tiny, scenic New England state of New Hampshire. Many real estate investors hope to locate some bargain properties in the beautiful Granite State, a regional center for skiing and many other outdoor recreational opportunities.

If you’ve ever been tempted to purchase a home or business property in New Hampshire, you may want to consider these five real estate markets. Experts rank them as amongst the best in the state:

1. Concord

With the median price of a family home in the New York Borough of Manhattan now standing at $1.5 million, the housing prices in Concord, New Hampshire appeal to many New York arrivals as a welcome relief. Expect to pay considerably less than half a million dollars for a nice residential property in this well established city. You might want to consider residing in Concord full time and commuting to Manhattan to work!

2. Nashua

Forbes ranked the Nashua-Manchester area at the top of its list of affordable places to live in 2009. With abundant employment opportunities, a high quality of life and appealing recreational diversions, the areas still remains attractive to many new arrivals in New Hampshire, despite cooling in local markets. The rich cultural life of the area contributes to its charm.

3. Haverhill

The town of Haverhill, New Hampshire occupies part of the scenic Connecticut River Valley in Southern New Hampshire, not far from the Massachusetts border and just a short drive away from the Atlantic Ocean. Hiking trails and nearby recreational opportunities enable this part of the state to appeal to numerous visitors and residents alike.

4. Hampton

The small town flavor of Hampton, New Hampshire and its environs will appeal to people seeking coastal real estate located close to entertainment and recreational opportunities. New Hampshire enjoys a briefer Atlantic coastline than its neighbors, Maine and Massachusetts, yet it does furnish some stunning ocean front views. Hampton’s residents also enjoy convenient access to casinos, theaters, amusement parks and many other popular recreational activities, making this location a great destination for a vacation home.

5. Plymouth

Plymouth in Central New Hampshire serves as a gateway to recreational opportunities in the beautiful White Mountains. With camping, skiing and water activities just a short drive away, the small community holds great appeal for urban retirees seeking more room for fun outdoor pursuits. The community sits along the banks of the scenic Pemigewasset River. Home to Plymouth State University, it offers a built-in student rental market for real estate investors.

Take some time visiting lovely New Hampshire to fully appreciate the ambiance and warmth of the area. With friendly, independent-minded residents and many majestic natural landmarks, New Hampshire boasts wonderful vacation and residential settings.

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