4 Ways to Increase Your Business’s Internet Speed

The internet is revolutionizing how enterprises are conducting business. Enterprises are diversifying their channels of communication online to lure in potential customers and retain clients. They are keeping tabs on the latest business trends and innovations to improve delivery of services and stay ahead of their competition. On the other hand, customers are searching for the best and efficient products and services online. For these reasons, businesses want to have a robust internet network that will uphold when failures occur, ensure quick delivery of solutions and offer efficient communication between clients and employees. A vital component of an enterprise having a proper internet system is fast broadband internet speeds. As content and more customer increase online, faster online speeds are required to keep up with the information supplied and customers accessing the content. The tips below will help in increasing internet speeds.


A company may have subscribed to a package with blazing internet speeds, but the overall connection may be slow. This is because some applications and services may be hogging the bandwidth. Video chats, P2P connections, Netflix, and YouTube, are some services that monopolize bandwidth. Luckily, an enterprise can use Quality of service(QoS). With QoS, specific applications can be prioritized over others depending on a company’s needs. Hence, the major applications have the bandwidth necessary to do specific tasks that require more bandwidth.


A business needs to upgrade to a faster service package to ensure fast broadband speeds as its solutions increase online and as more employees become hired. Also, when an enterprise increases its network hardware, it should make sure a faster connection is put in place since every network device needs a connection to route information online.
A business may also switch internet service providers if it is dissatisfied with the speeds. Some Internet service providers are much better than others in proving higher steady speeds and more throughput.


Newer equipment is being innovated, manufactured and availed in the market. These devices include switches, routers, firewalls, fiber, network cards and many more. The new and modern devices offer better network throughput and security and minimize data loss through the internet. Therefore, a company should invest in improving its network infrastructure to increase its network speeds and online security.
Better still, a company may redesign its network as more departments are created to avoid some departments having slow Internet connections. Some sections, especially the customer service section, require faster speeds hence need more switches and routers.


It is a good idea for an enterprise to use latest and modern operating systems that have the newest network services and protocols. Older operating systems may have compatibility issues with newer protocols that ensure faster connections. Furthermore, advanced network monitoring solutions should be installed. Network monitoring software control the bandwidth, prioritize applications and troubleshoot network connections.

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