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4 Signature Cocktails to Add Punch to Your Holiday Party

Christmas is here, time for joy, and time for beer! Or at least a holiday cocktail. The perfect time to raise a glass and cheers to the previous year and the promise of a new one. Make sure your holiday party has the right beverage to “deck the halls” or ring in the New Year.

There are plenty of festive recipes available, so if you weren’t lucky enough to catch the 12 Cocktails of Christmas, there is still time to make your holiday libations spirited. Don’t settle for traditional eggnog or Tanqueray & Tonic (though it does taste like Christmas morning); take these four recipes for a sleigh ride to holiday merriment. Though these aren’t recipes from cognac director and mixologist Kellie Thorn, they are still very deserving of making it to your holiday party this season; they are a holiday collection from the pages of The Complete Bartender by Robyn M. Feller.


Cold Weather Punch


Autumn brings the falling of leaves and the dropping of temperatures. Keep friends and family warm with this punch; it’s like a sweater you wear on the inside.


Ingredients: 2 lemons, ½ cup sugar, 1 tsp. ground ginger, 1 bottle (750ml) dark rum, 1 bottle (750ml) brandy, 8oz. sherry, 3 pints boiling water


Combine rinds of lemons with sugar then muddle lemon rinds. Add juice of 2 lemons and ginger, mix well, and then add, in order, rum, brandy sherry, and water. Mix and let sit for 20 minutes, serve and enjoy.


Cranberry Pineapple Vodka Punch


Cranberry is a staple in most homes during the holidaies. Mimic this favor in your holiday beverage with a fun twist of pineapple and vodka.


Ingredients: 2 qts chilled cranberry juice, 1 qt. 14 oz. chilled pineapple juice (sweetened), 8 oz. Vodka, 16 oz. chilled ginger ale, 16 oz. chillded club soda, Fresh pineapple


Combine cranberry juice, pineapple juice, vodka, ginger ale, and club soda, add ice and garnish with pineapples.


Bellini Punch


Great for a New Years celebration, this peachy punch packs powerful promise (how perfect).


Ingredients: Fresh peaches, Iced brut champagne, 1 tbs. lemon juice, Sugar


Puree peaches and pour into bottom of punch bowl, add approximately 3 times as much champagne, finally add lemon juice and sugar (to taste) then stir.


Fish House Punch

This is an old recipe that originated in Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. It was created in 1732 and known as a beverage that George Washington enjoyed.


Ingredients: 2 cups lemon juice, 6 oz. superfine granulated sugar, 2 bottles Jamaican rum (750ml), 1 bottle, brandy (750ml), 1 cup peach brandy, 8 oz. club soda


One day in advance, combine sugar and lemon juice. Next day, combine sugar-lemon mixture, rum, brandy, and peach brandy, cover and refrigerate, finally add club soda and stir when ready to serve.


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