4 Reasons to Take Your Family Fishing

You can get more out of fishing than just a tasty dinner, especially if you bring your little ones along. Here are just four reasons to consider an afternoon on the water for your next family activity or day trip.

1. It’s Good For Your Health

Fishing is an easy way to encourage physical activity among your kids. While it might not provide the cardiovascular exercise of a high-octane sport, it’s more than enough to get their blood pumping and their hearts racing. They’ll be standing, squatting, hauling and reeling in a way that works out their arms, legs, shoulders and core, so they’ll be building their strength while simultaneously improving their fine motor control.

2. It’s Suitable For the Whole Family

If you have a diverse group of kids with a variety of hobbies and interests, it can be a challenge to find activities that everyone will enjoy. What excites one usually bores another, right? The good news is that fishing can overcome these boundaries and provide equal opportunity fun. Whether they’re toddlers excited by wiggling worms or teenagers who want to pose with their 20-pound catches for social media posts, there’s a little something for everyone when you go fishing. Don’t be afraid to put the entire family in the RV and take them on a trip to the lake!

3. It Teaches Important Life Skills

There are many lessons to be learned from a fishing trip. The biggest one is patience, especially for kids who are used to instant gratification in the form of texts, emails and phone alerts; waiting for something to nibble on their line will teach them that good things come to those who wait. Self-reliance is another thing that they’ll take away from an afternoon on the water. After catching their first marlin, they’ll recognize the value of hard work and how it can translate into self-sufficiency.

4. It Provides A Bonding Experience

Be honest: How much time does your family really spend together? How often are you in the same room? Can you even talk anymore without gadgets and screens getting in the way? A fishing trip will give everyone the chance to unplug from their electronics and remember that they’re part of a unit. As a parent, you’ll find common ground with your kids as you instruct and encourage them with their rods and reels, and as children, they’ll form treasured childhood memories of that time they bagged a trout. Everyone gets something out of the experience!

These are just a few reasons to consider fishing for your next family trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced fisherman or just an avid fan of The Discovery Channel; if the water is calling, let your family be the one to answer it.

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