4 Frugal Ways to Save on Children’s Clothes

Frugal Way to Save One: Trade Children’s Clothing with Friends and Relatives

Many parents are struggling to pay the basic bills for their family, and finding affordable children’s clothing is a necessity to avoid overspending. There are easy ways to save money on classic and trendy outfits for girls and boys. A time-honored way to avoid spending more money on children’s clothing is trading outgrown garments with relatives, neighbors and friends. Have a get together that involves parents bringing stacks of clean garments to one location in order to trade school uniforms, winter coats and jeans. It is okay to plan ahead by choosing clothing that is a slightly bigger size to have ready when a child has a growth spurt.

Frugal Way to Save Two: Shop for Children’s Clothing in the Clearance Section

When arriving at a clothing store, walk to the back of the children’s section to begin looking for clearance signs on the racks. The back of the store is where most retailers place the clearance racks, and these markdowns occur approximately once a week. In many cases, these items are marked down 40 percent or more, and if a parent plans ahead, then they can buy additional sizes to prepare for the next season. Infants and toddlers are happy with any type of clothing a parent buys for them, but older children want to remain in style. Bring along older children for bargain hunting, and take the time to teach them the value of saving money on clothing.

Frugal Way to Save Three: Visit Consignment Shops to Find Low-Cost Children’s Clothing

Consignment stores are another way to save money on children’s clothing by purchasing used garments that other parents are selling. A consignment shop has a manager who gets to keep a percentage of the selling price of each garment sold, but parents can find great deals on party dresses and suits for the holidays. Check these garments carefully for stains or rips that require laundering or repair before buying the item. It is possible for parents to bring gently-worn garments to the shop to sell or exchange for credit to buy clothing. There are also online children’s clothing consignment stores where parents post photographs and descriptions of garments.

Frugal Way to Save Four: Go to Yard Sales to Find Children’s Clothing

To find the best yard sales, check the local newspaper on Friday because most family’s schedule these events on Saturday morning. Shoppers arrive early for yard sales that typically occur in the summer when children are not in school. Bring along a list of the sizes needed for children along with a tape measure to check the length of pant legs or the size of a waistband. The clothing for children at a yard sale may have individual price tags or parents can buy an entire bagful for a set price. The prices for garments at yard sales are also negotiable because parents do not want to store the clothing inside their home again.


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