3 Essential Supplies Every Health Care Facility Needs

If you are in charge of making the supply orders at the health care facility where you work, you naturally have an extremely important job. Health care facilities help individuals and families who are facing highly difficult situations concerning their health and well being, and they need immediate help of the highest caliber. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you keep your health care facility fully stocked with enough of the right supplies.

With this in mind, here are three essential supplies that every health care facility absolutely must have at all times.

1. Gloves and other protections against germs and bodily fluids

Health care facilities are often hotbeds for the spread of germs, viruses and bacteria of all kinds. This means that everyone needs to stay clean and safe while in these facilities. The best way to help with this for health care workers themselves is to wear gloves. Gloves should be available on all fly levels and in all patient and surgery rooms.

There should also be different sizes of gloves available as many people have especially small or especially large hands. Having the right size of gloves on your hands is important. Otherwise, your dexterity may be limited. To keep things easy for all health care workers at your facility, make each size of the gloves you carry a different color.

2. Hand sanitizer for both patients, those in the waiting room and staff members

Hand sanitizer is a vital supply that all health care facilities must have readily available. Hand sanitizer should be used as often as possible by health care workers, but it should also be made readily available to patients and families and loved ones of patients in the waiting room. Viruses and bacteria can spread extremely easily in doctors offices, hospitals and other health care facilities, so it is important that everyone keeps their hands clean at all times to reduce the spread of such things.

3. Patient information

Last but not least, it is important that all of your patients are kept informed about what is going on with their medical conditions or the medical conditions of their loved ones. This is where a patient information comes in. All health care facilities must have the required amount of patient information for all procedures that may occur at your health care facility in particular.

This means that along with each procedure that occurs at your health care facility, you need a patient pamphlet or handout that they will be able to read. If you don’t have printouts for all of these procedures, make sure that you make all of this information available to your patients by connecting them with the right webpages on the Internet.

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