3 Benefits of Hiring a Product Photographer

Do you wonder why your products aren’t selling, when they are higher quality than your competitors? Are you posting images to your website, but the products still aren’t selling? If so, it is likely that your product photos are not up to par.
Great photos sell products, plain and simple. An experienced product photographer understands the unique needs for photos to be able to sell products over the internet. The following are three reasons why you should hire a product photographer.

1. Consumers are Visually Driven

Consumers rely on their senses when they purchase items. In person, they will notice an item visually, then examine the with their other senses. Online, you are limited to product photos to sell your products. Millennials are a marketing goldmine, but are even more visual than consumers of previous generations.
Millennials are a generation that doesn’t like pushy and sales-based advertising, but they represent $1.3 trillion of purchases made worldwide. This makes them a powerful group of consumers to market to.
They are a generation that make instant decisions and share their opinions and experiences freely on social media. If your photos don’t catch their eye quickly, you won’t get any pins on Pinterest or retweets on Twitter. A product photographer understands how to appeal to millennials visually.

2. Web Optimized Images Can Make or Break You

Pictures are the top reason for slow load times. Slow load times are not only annoying to consumers, they are costly. Amazon reports that for every 100 milliseconds they increased the speed of their website, revenue increased 1 percent? If you think a second doesn’t make a difference, think again.
A product photographer will be familiar with web optimization and will be able to give you read-to-use, high-quality images that won’t slow down your website and turn off customers. Not only will the images appeal to consumers, they won’t deter them.

3. Product Photographers Save You Time, Money, and Space

A product photographer owns equipment needed for the job, and has the skills. If you don’t want to purchase extra equipment, which you will have also need to store somewhere, or can’t spend the time and money to learn how to do the job properly, a product photographer is your best bet to boost sales.
Product photography is a necessary, and deductible, business expense. In the long-run, a product photographer will cost you less money, and save you time and storage space.

A Product Photographer Is a Great Investment

A product photographer knows which images work best and how to optimize photos of your products for your website. Hiring a photographer is an easy and effective way to boost your product sales.

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